Insomniac! (double meaning!)

I signed the offer and faxed it away on Monday, so it’s official: I’ll be spending this summer at Insomniac Games as a game design intern.

I am EXTREMELY excited about this internship! Insomniac has always held a special place in my heart, as it was Spyro the Dragon which nudged me back into console game obsession in high school (my Playstation was my very first console which I purchased with my own money, aww). The Ratchet and Clank series has also captured my imagination, and I’m always a little wistful that I never have time to devote to any of those games like I was able to with Spyro.

Anyway, this will definitely be a big exciting adventure of a summer, and I’m looking forward to it! If anyone has tips on finding temporary living quarters in LA, I’m all ears.

On the topic of insomnia, I seem to be suffering from it. I’ve had trouble sleeping as of late, which I’ve blamed on a number of things (mostly the weather) and I’ve tried to alleviate it through a number of means. I rearranged my room (moving my bed has always helped sleeping issues in the past) but to no avail. I even tried sleeping on the couch, remembering the time that Scott mysteriously couldn’t sleep in his own bed, and so slumbered on the couch for a long while. Today, I didn’t even take any afternoon naps!

I’m not sure what the deal is. Perhaps I am nervous about this summer? Perhaps I am merely stressed out from project work? Perhaps it truly is the weather? Hmph, I just wish it would right itself!

I did make myself useful in these past wee hours by cleaning and purging my belongings. I’m hoping to get rid of a good deal of “stuff” so I won’t have to deal with dragging it to California and back. I did wind up with about four bags of Goodwill fodder, so that’s a start.

As long as I’m seeking advice, if anyone has insomnia cures or tips, I am listening!

2 thoughts on “Insomniac! (double meaning!)”

  1. OOOOOOOOOH SHIT CONGRATS!!! This is so awesome, you’ll just be a day’s drive from me! Thanks also for the employment heads-up; the job sounded right up my alley but I wasn’t looking to relocate just yet. 🙂

    As for sleeping problems… hmm. You’ve tried the deep breathing and the hot teas?

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