Inner Fire

I’m having one of those stretches where I’m really excited about what I’m doing at work. We got updated schedules, which helps a TON in how energetic I am in any job. When I know my schedule, I can adjust my energy output across time very efficiently.

It’s one of those times where I’m all giddy when I wake up in the morning, because I’m excited about getting in and doing stuff, or perhaps I solved a particularly tricky problem in a dream. It sounds silly, but I solve game design problems in dreams all the time. Subconscious Lisa, she is very clever, and I give her plenty of time to work, what with all the sleeping I do.

Like everything else lately, I know that times come and go and change, so I’m trying to be thrilled and happy while the inspiration lasts.

I think part of the inner fire comes from me recently jolting up and realizing, “OMG, I’m making games, like, as a job.”

A similar thing happens to me with music. I often forget music exists, and then when I suddenly remember for whatever reason, I’m like “MUSIC EXISTS!!” and listening to music endlessly and dancing for days. It’s a strange phenomenon, but whatever. Being surprised now and then by a truth of life never hurt anybody.