I can seeeeee!

I got new glasses today!

I’d been long overdue for a prescription update, so I was looking forward to it. The world is like a crystal!

Getting new glasses is always a little weird for me at first. My perception of reality has been suddenly improved! It’s as if the world is less real.

Things are so startlingly clear that I feel like I am going to trip and fall into the world, as one fears they may trip and fall into the world on the TV screen, only in three dimensions so it’s trippier.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

7 thoughts on “I can seeeeee!”

  1. The “woah I can see every detail in HDTV” experience, I get that every time when I get new glasses. But I have never experienced the tripping and falling into the world of the TV-screen.
    Sure I am somewhat more likely to trip when I’m getting adjusted to the new glasses (warped space), but never like that.

  2. I got my new glasses on Sunday too 🙂 Not much of a change, but I can still notice a difference 😉 Whenever I get new glasses, I gotta have Trinsic with me cuz when I got them, I wanted to get used to them before driving, cuz it just makes it look like as if everything is kinda…wonky XD

  3. been there done that. You feel like you’re walking around with 3d glasses on and fighting the urge to duck so things don’t smack ya in the face

  4. I don’t get that way from my vision, but I’ve had that from times when I was sick. Got really sick, then got over the infection and for a couple days it was all trippy and stuff, while I was enjoying the “high” of being not-sick. Really wierd.

  5. I usually only wear mine to drive – can’t read with them on so I usually work (circuit boards!) without but I’m overdue an eye test.
    Last one was when I took Mum and BroInLaws Mum to the optician. BroInLaws Mum’s been gone 3 years….

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