Well, I’m back home in Louisville. It was a long drive but not entirely unpleasant.

Mom planned to have a gathering the evening I got home (probably so I didn’t slip into a depression, which was a good idea). My brother and sister-in-law came over, plus Brendan and Maria, as well as a few friends of the family. We had chili and played WarioWare and MarioKart, swiftly taking in Eric and Mary Beth and getting them appropriately addicted.

Since Dave couldn’t make it last evening, I went over to visit him tonight. We went to the all-famous Pie Kitchen, where I engaged in my endless struggle to decide which slice of pie to get, or maybe just get 2 slices, 1 of each flavor, or maybe I should get ice cream. Anyway, Evan was there!!! So exciting! I haven’t seen him in forever. It was nice to catch up with everybody.

In the meantime, I’ve been unpacking and cleaning, moving back in the home. I will admit, it is good to be home, although I will miss hanging out with Carleton very much. He and his brother, Scott, have promised to come visit this summer, though, which should be exciting and fun. Right now I’m just drained at the prospect of job hunting, but I have unloaded a ton of art projects onto myself to keep me busy in the meantime.