Home again…er…no wait…

The move back to school was successful, and my room is clean for perhaps the first and last time in a term. Yesterday kicked off with an enthusiastic reunion between Brendan, D Flo, Ken and myself, and we celebrated with many hugs, since the heat in Rodes was out and it was frickin freezing.

We then proceeded to rearrange the living room, and skipped off to see Eric Abele, who had returned to us from a long fall term in Strausbourg, complete with residual German accent.

It was a perfect time, as we were all together back in the safety and convenience of the college bubble, but no classes yet with which to worry us. It’s my favorite time. D Flo is trying to corrupt me by getting me to start Final Fantasy Tactics, even though I’ve not finished Chrono Cross yet and already broke my oath by starting Legend of Dragoon (I’m one of those one-rpg-at-a-time people), and Brendan brought back the next volume of Bone, hooray!

Overall, the night was exquisitely joyous, as I’d missed everyone immensely over break. In fact, the only downside is that even though we went to Walmart, I was so excited about the fun of the reunion that I only bought a box of Clementines and a Pomegranate, both of which I left over at Rodes…and I’m STARVING x_x