Hello Moon

The Matrix Reloaded has become a new and easy way to pick out exactly who speaks French among a group of people gathered in a movie theater.

I watched the eclipse tonight, it was nice and clear (save a few wandering clouds), and it was fun to rouse up others in the vicinity to go and watch. It started out as a large group of students and professors lounging on the side of the road to watch. As the eclipse lingered in totality for a bit, people wandered back in to study for their respective exams, or get sleep or some such.

I chilled out a bit longer outside, watching the moon with Sheldon’s cat, and took Inky’s departure to go do kittie night time things as a signal to head on in. By in, of course, I mean Rodes. Brendan, D Flo, and Alison left long ago to do a scene rehearsal, and have not been back. I fear Grant has eaten them. I hope they got to see the eclipse also.

Discrete Math exam tomorrow, then I’m clear until Monday. Although I feared the speed with which the year was ending, I forgot how everything seems to sloooooooooow down during finals week. It’s a good thing.

5 thoughts on “Hello Moon”

  1. I was only able to see the ‘moon disappears’-part this morning (from 4:20-5:20 outside in the cold, waiting for the first people who would crawl out of their homes and dare to go outside into the wild where I watched the eclipse. And I expected whoever would have come with an odd view. One motorcyclist came near me, slowing down, slightly surprised by that mummed creature sitting by the road in a garden-chair, but gained speed again after passing me). Sunrise and the very close departure of the moon from the visible part of the firmamentum, left it at that, so no red moon for me in the morning of my 20th birthday.


  2. The French thing seems a tad strange, but I’ve seen it too. o.O;; My question is, why would anyone from any French-speaking part of the world wanna come to Kentucky? wtfunk? XD

    1. It was more along the lines of people who are able to speak French, not necessarily people from France (there is such a thing as a French major, you know ^_^).

      Two of the friends I went with speak very good, near-fluent French, and the 5 other friends I went with were quickly pestering them for translations after the particular scene.

  3. According to my French-studying friends I saw the movie with, it was merely an incoherent string of pretty obscene…er…obscenities, none of which I will repeat here, for fear of burning a hole in my journal ^_^

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