Happy Happy Crash

Today we presented our Round 4 worlds for BVW. They were all amazing, and all very well received! But I have been suffering a common course after every BVW presentation.

That is, the weekend before, and especially the night before when we’re scrambling to meet the deadline, I get on this huuuuuuuuuge energy high. It was especially high last night, because our world was SO AWESOME and I was so excited about it. Then the day of presentation, I’m all excited and giggly. Then everyone presents, and it’s awesome! Like, every single world was awesome, there weren’t really any duds.

And then it happens. All the worlds have shown, the class is over, and I drop down off my energy high. And goodness, what a crash! The minute I walk out the door I am depressed and on the verge of tears, and it is purely a result of my body trying to normalize itself. Still, how stressful!

Jesse told me that many professional actors are chronically depressed for the same reason, because of the highs and drop-offs in energy level scheduled around performances (D Flo, do you find this to be the case?)

I said “how do I fix it?!?” But Jesse just smiled knowingly and slipped out a door. Drat! That means it’s one of those stupid “life lessons” things, doesn’t it? Grumble grumble!

Many of you know that I am terrible at taking care of myself in times of emotional stress. What should I do to avoid being dreadfully depressed after the BVW show??

8 thoughts on “Happy Happy Crash”

      1. Alcohol is a close second.

        Pizza party, laser tag, zen garden, while not even a close tenth, are acceptable.

  1. Giving yourself some sort of reward seems to be the best solution to me. 😉
    The earlier, the better. Maybe instantly go and celebrate with friends or afford something that you intended to get for a long time.

  2. I find any kind of BIG social activity to be help full. Like every one goes to a dinner and has a good time. Or a big party which is tones of fun. Or bunches of people playing video games for hours upon hours.

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