Happy Easter

Whew! That was hard, but here I am again, safe in the folds of LJ. Well, what’s been new.

Well, several people had the NERVE to get new journals while I was away ^_^ Anyway, I’ll have fun catching up on , , and .

We had our group critiques for the senior art majors in early March, which helped me get on my way with my pieces. I like how they’re turning out, but I have to grind and cold work them a lot, which will take up the bulk of my time. This week will actually be the last week in the hot shop for me, as I devote the rest of the time between then and my show grinding and polishing, grinding and polishing, grinding and polishing x_x Here are some previews..


Let’s see let’s see, anything else? Well, I’m sure I’ll think of things later. Hope everyone has been well! Time to catch up on journals.
School has been busy, but over Spring Break I flew up to Connecticut to see Carleton, and much FFX ensued, it was an excellent break.

Now, Easter weekend has been a much of a break in its own right. I met with some high school friends Friday night, where we bonded over video games and went secondhand book shopping the next day.

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  1. woooww.. those are gorgeous.. if i wasn’t so afraid of fire and hot things, i’d love to learn to do that.. the color intensity is incredible.. and i’m addicted to luminous color..mmm.

    Welcome back. 🙂

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