Goals for 2011

Time for 2011 Goals! Sharing your goals helps make you feel accountable for them, so you are all my witnesses to this year’s.

1. Get rid of my credit card*. This is actually part of a larger goal, that I am going to get crazy with my budget and pay off my student loans in 5 years. I never have a balance on my credit card, but I know that using it for day to day expenses makes me less frugal than I could be. Also, I kind of hate credit cards and all that they stand for and I want to put my foot down about it**.

2. Do one free thing in LA (Entertainment-wise) every month. Also related to the long-term budget goal, but also to get me out of the house and exploring and learning about the city. There are several free museums I want to go to, and free events that take place throughout the year. It’s a little ambitious considering how busy things get, but if I plan ahead I am certain I can make it happen

3. Spend a minimum of 20 minutes every other day playing a game that is not one of my standards (that is, not a game that I’m already into and playing regularly). Someone told me once that if you can’t devote 20 minutes every other day to something, then you aren’t really interested in doing it. This was in terms of stuff like practicing learning a new thing, so the application is a little loose. I really want to spend more like an hour every day on games, but I also want to be realistic with this goal so I can achieve it.

4. Sew 3 things. Because I want to use my awesome sewing machine more. I do not know what the 3 things will be, and even if they end up being ratty little toys for Mr. Davis, I will consider it a success!

5. Update my blog once a week with an accountability post about all these goals, so I can assure that they actually happen!

* I don’t want to hear any guff about my credit score going down, or rewards
** I also don’t want to hear anyone say “but if you carry a balance and pay it off every month you are sticking it to the man!” Because we all know that’s not really true and it’s just a way to make us feel okay using a credit card 😛