Goal Progress Report

1) Games. I’ve been doing pretty good on this front recently! Been playing a TON of Realm of the Mad God, which is a browser-based MMO fantasy-themed bullet hell shooter. It’s extremely easy to jump in and out of, and it’s not a grind to build up a character. Death is permanent, so if you die you just roll a new character. You unlock different classes as you level up the base ones, and it’s just a generally great time killer. I might do a more in depth post about this.

Racettear: An Item Shop’s Tale was on sale on Steam, so Nick and I have been playing that the past couple of days. It’s a game where you run an item shop in an RPG, and you have to acquire good items to sell and haggle prices with customers and stuff. I think it’s great!

2) Free things in LA. Still have an eye on that festival in Little Tokyo for this month, stay tuned.

3) Sewing: I am going to sew something for-reals! I’m assembling a pattern and everything! I really should acquire an iron for this, I think.

4) Plugging along. Contemplating selling my PS2 and all my games, we’ll see…