Geek Update

This is a brief update from Japan aimed at the Tuesday Night Ballers. Today, Andrew and I visited a friend of his who lives in (I kid you not) Nishi Fuji Hashi Bashi Machi. This friend–Mark-Edmond by name–enjoys the boardgames, just like us! We played some games that I highly recommend we adopt for Basketball.

The first game is Citadels: a sneaky bluffing card game that was quite fun. The only drawback is the game pieces to represent gold coins look dead up like butterscotch candies, and thus frequently end up in Lisa’s mouth.

The second is Perfect Timing: super fun game that plays off the fundamental human desire to play with stopwatches. There are 4 possible playing entities (meaning 4 people or 4 teams).

The third game we did not get around to playing, but Andrew’s friend say we MUST PLAY, is Carcassonne. It apparently is similar to Settlers of Catan, but is different, and can take a lengthy time to play.

Mark-Edmond says “Stupid Andrew won both games”

Okay kiddies, I will be back in the States Monday night, after which I will update with detailed logs from my journey, and photos. See you kiddie winkies later!