GDC Monday Morning

So for today, Bandology split up between the Casual Games Summit and the Worlds in Motion Summit. I went to the latter, which is about virtual worlds and massively multiplayer experiences (as Jesse says, “it sounds like a girl came up with the name to that summit,” at which I shook my fist threateningly, at which he smirked).

I picked the summit to learn what I can about MMOs to apply to Bandology. What I discovered, to my surprise, is that there exists in this industry an animosity between “virtual worlds” people (Second Life, Social Networking experiences, etc.) and “mmo game” people (WoW, Club Penguin). This startled me, as I’d never perceived the friction between the two groups until today in this room!

The first two speakers were so-so, but the third guy from GoPets () gave a great talk about Game Interface over User Interface. I think I absorbed a lot of Bandology-relevant tidbits from that talk.

For now, I must finish my lunch and head back to the summit. Stay tuned for more!

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