Fundraiser with Prizes!

In light of recent monetary needs, from pesky car payments to buying insurance, my internship stipend is falling a little short. I’m having a fundraiser for this month to raise money for the upkeep of my website and hosting, and if anyone can spare even a small donation, I would be endlessly grateful.

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The Fundraiser will Last until 12:00 AM EST Sunday, October 31st.

Click below to donate!

To make this fundraiser a little less dull, I’ve decided to give out prizes!! Here’s how it works..

Random Prizes…

– Every week of the fundraiser, I will select a random number. The person who is that number to make a donation will win a prize! For example, if the random number of the week is 11, then the 11th donor (regardless of amount) will win. If less than 11 people happen to donate that week, then the random prize will go to the closest number donor.

Week 1: an 8 1/2 x 11 inch print of the Fenton picture on glossy photo paper.

Week 2: Two dragon-etched tumblers

Week 3: Small Dragon-etched vase.

Week 4: “Serpent vs. the Terrible Crayon” 9 x 12 inches, matted and framed with a uniframe.

Fixed Prize…

– There will also be one fixed prize for the person to make the final donation before the fundraiser ends. An orange crackle vase

Grand Prize

– In addition to the random prizes, the grand prize for the highest donation will be a free commission, either a watercolor/colored pencil piece, a pastel piece, or a polymer clay sculpture (medium and subject decided by the winner)

Thanks very much to everyone for your generosity!

This week’s random prize winner number is: 38