Fundraiser: Week 2, and other stuff

Hey all, it is week 2 of my fundraiser, the random prize is two dragon tumblers.

The random number is: 11

Other fundraiser details here

The opening of Guys and Dolls went extremely well. The audience seemed to love it, and we (the props crew) got tons of compliments after the show about how great the props looked. It was quite gratifying, and although we had to suffer through the great post-show slump the day afterwards, we were able to close up shop and have Friday off.

This weekend, Carleton and I went up to Maine to visit his Dad’s family. The weather was wonderful, so on Saturday we all went to South Portland to see the biggest ocean liner ever, The Queen Mary 2: Judgement Day. After careful observation, I concluded that it was indeed a great big boat. Then we went hiking on a nearby island. It was a very cool little nature reserve type place, and at one point on the hike there is a “fairy village,” where people come and build little “houses” out of sticks and rocks and other things lying about. Some of them were quite impressive, and it seemed like a very fun idea.

That night, we went on a Haunted Hayride, on which Carleton’s 9-year-old half sister was terrified to the point of tears, only to brush it off afterwards and say “yeah, those chainsaw guys were scary, I guess.” I, on the otherhand, was quite impressed with some of the masks the jump-out-and-scare-you guys were wearing. Some of them were really awesome, and it made me think that I should just give up everything and make masks for a living. Hehe.

All in all, a very pleasant weekend. Next weekend my parents and aunt are coming to visit, hooray!!

One more thing..


Does anyone know how to get ahold of Jeff Meyer?
I have lost his phone number, I don’t know of any new email address, and I want to get back in touch with good ‘ole Jeffery K. Any help?

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  1. i would email katie wilson, whose email you can find on centre’s website, i’m sure. you could also try paul martin, whose number i have, cause he told me he talked to jeffrey k. a couple days ago (i’m pretty sure he did, anyway, but it’d be worth a shot.). i can email that to you if you want. do you have sean or katherine’s number? they might know too (and i might have them as well, if you don’t).

    lemme know what you need.

    p.s. i’m so glad the queen mary 2 didn’t turn out to be a small boat. what a sad excuse for an ocean liner it would be….

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