Fun-packed week

This week has been a wonderful homecoming. On Monday, I was happily reunited with Brendan, Ken (, Dave (of being-hit-by-a-TARC-bus fame), and Evan. There was much hugging and grand tours of new apartments, and plenty of Halo of course. Brendan, Ken, Dave and I made dinner that night like a family, then we went to Evan’s for dessert. Tuesday was even more fun, with the infamous D Flo() come to visit, featuring Emily Tate. All was joyous and partyful.

Though I will be sad that most of my friends will not be returning to Centre, now that they’re bound to the real world, I’m happy that they will be so close. I’m also excited about the schoolyear, though a bit frazzled by having to move back tomorrow.

I spent Wednesday night with my parents. We got buffalo wings and watched Two Towers together (sorry Carleton, I was so excited about the prospect of actually *eating* the buffalo wings that they were completely devoured before I thought about taking a picture ^_^). Today I had lunch with my mom and grandmother and cousin.

I also went to the doctor today about my Achilles tendon. It seems it is merely a case of tendonitus (boooo!), and I was given some drugs and shown some stretches to do to get through it. Stupid tendonitus. Ah well, if that’s the worst that will happen it’ll be all good.

I also managed to get my website updated, so go look at that.

All in all, it’s been a very fulfilling week. By next update I should be back at Centre!