Falling for the first time..

I don’t like finishing tests first. It’s almost as bad as finishing tests last x_x

I’m sitting down in the basement of Olin, 30 minutes before Comp Sci lab starts, mulling about how bad I feel for dashing out of that Calculus test so early. I know how it feels to be right in the middle of a fairly difficult test, working away, when someone gets up and turns theirs in. Panic! I must be doing something wrong! I’ll never finish in time! AHHH!!! I have no desire to make anyone feel like that.

So when I finish a test early I sit and wait and kick my legs, and do some checking (which is a good way to stifle my impatience and catch those ridiculous mistakes I make). Generally, I wait for someone else to turn in their test first, because turning in a test second isn’t so bad ^_^ But I am terribly fidgety and impatient, so up and off I went.

..but I didn’t want to talk about that today. I want to talk about autumn. I like it, it’s my favorite season, and I think I’ve figured out why I appreciate it so much. Autumn is very sneaky and fleeting around here, so when you catch it, you appreciate it all the more.

I don’t know if it’s the small region or the whole state, but weather here is a jumble of extremes. Sure, if you take the average all year, it *looks* like we have all four seasons. But really, the “fall” season consists of these days…Summer, summer, summer, winter, summer summer, winter, summer, winter winter winter, summer winter, fall, winter winter winter. It’s bounce back and forth, and if one day happens to land on fall, it’s rather lucky.

Sometimes it’s not even an entire day. It’ll be winter in the morning, then walking to lunch you pause and look about and sniff and notice that it’s autumn. Later that afternoon, it may turn to summer again, then bounce back and forth until it’s winter at night. Sometimes there are patches of night time which are autumn, and I find those particularly pleasant. One day you may look up and notice all the leaves have changed, then the next day they’ve all fallen.

Sneaky sneaky autumn, makes it all the more precious.