Esteem Improvement

In Outlook at work, I have a folder called “Ego Strokes,” where I put any work email where someone thanks me for my help, or tells me how awesome the website is looking, or just generally tells me I’m awesome in general.

Whenever I feel somewhat low, I just page through this folder and read all the messages together at once. You would be amazed how helpful it is, and how much better I feel afterwards! I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.

On the otherhand, the reason it works so well is because I work with so many people who never keep quiet a kind word or expression of thanks. Taking a moment to thank someone for something, or to tell them you love them or how much they mean to you can have quite an impact, even though it seems a small thing for you do to.

So, internet, you really should take a moment now and again to tell a friend you love them, or express gratitude for how much someone has done for you, or just let someone know they are important to you. It has fantastic residual effects!

I must do this more often myself.