Tomorrow I pack up to go home for the remainder of my break. I had a good time overall, though people were a lot busier than I had anticipated. Still, time with friends with no pressure is always nice. I hung out with Eric quite a bit, which was fun, since I’ve never really hung out with him much before. The same with Jeff, and we had dinner, woo!

Tonight, Brendan and Ken surprised me with a birthday cake and present. D Flo and Eric were there, and we had a nice little birthday extravaganza. Berea and little Sylvie came to visit (though Sylvie is much bigger now). And we rounded up the evening with some Halo and other games.

I was stomping in Halo on this particular night, so much so that some good-natured insults were exchanged, and I ended up attacking Flora. He used the opportunity to start a new game while my controller was out of reach, intending to blast me while I lay helpless. However, through some trick of fate (which D Flo blames on me being an apparent voodoo practitioner), he rolled onto my controller, and my character ended up wasting him for the first kill of the game. Muahaha!

‘Twas a very restful break, and I intend to use my time at home to prepare for the busy term ahead. I need to work on my resume for SETC, and an essay to apply for a scholarship for a glass class at Corning this summer. I’m also kitten-sitting for my brother this weekend (and I intend to take photos).