Ego-strokes round 2

Referring to this entry, here’s round 2.

D Flo causes infectious laughter. I remember when I was up north, everyone in the house always knew when I was on the phone with D Flo, because it wasn’t long after “hello” that we’d both be bellowing out laughs about some ridiculous thing or another. I remember D Flo was one of my favorite people to show comics to. I’d finish a Halo comic, run up and give it to him, and fidget there, watching his eyes, waiting for him to reach the punchline, and be rewarded by one of my favorite laughs. Spending time with D Flo feels natural, as if he’s always been there. The Blue Bike Gang, Walmart runs, or even just sitting and watching him play Age of Mythology over his shoulder, keeping an extra eye on the invasive red dots on the radar. D Flo is one of those rare people that I share a brainwave frequency with. It makes playing co-op games so natural: Halo, Ghost Recon, Desert Conflict (ah, Kuwait never had to worry with us around!), and of course, Taboo (“Mogwai! Mogwai!”). D Flo is my partner in crime, stage management or otherwise, and whenever I am with him, I feel light and playful and full of energy, as if joining forces to save the world is no hard feat.

In other news, Ken and I had OpenCanvas fun this afternoon.
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