Ego-strokes Round 1

Only three takers this round, but I’ll keep checking back to my previous entry in case more should come along, and hand out ego-strokes as they come.

Wheeler is my newest friend! He is a joy to chat with, be it about birds or taxes or long ramblings about nobilis. Plus, he is one of the few people I’ve encountered in my life that listens to Magnetic Fields. Anyone who likes Magnetic Fields automatically gets +10 awesome points to start with. It is nice to suddenly have made a friend who is around most of the time and willing to chat about all manner of things. I have become so comfortable with him so quickly that it seems perfectly natural to accept from him a cartoon bomb in a cake ^_^

Ken is one of the best friends I could ever have hoped to possibly make during my trek throughout life. He is quiet, but full of power, and I feel instantly safe whenever I am around him. Okay okay, quiet except during Halo ^_^. I have never trusted another person so completely, and I know I could share anything and everything with Ken without fear or hesitation. He is also extremely talented, and is not afraid to do what he wants to do. I am truly suffering on a deep level by not having his friendship in close proximity, but that will make it all the more exciting when he finally comes back to town! I never have to plan anything with Ken, and I never have to worry about speaking when I am near him to maintain any sort of level of comfort. It is just comfortable by default. Ah, the many times at Centre eating together! I love listening to Ken talk about Italy and Caravaggios and art, because he emanates a strange kind of warmth when he does that is very comforting. It is safe to say that I would be quite lost without Ken.

Will is awesome! He is one of those people that I can learn volumes from just by playing with him. He is all filled up with laugh-making and ambitious plotting and dreams and ideas, and is all kinds of fun to tag along with in one plot or another, or to just run circles around. It is good fun to once again have a friend to play with, on the level of swapping sketches, and discussing the evolution of long-lived-and-loved characters, and the many psychologically healing functions of lunchables, and all manner of silliness. Will has a great big heart, which is a quality I sincerely admire and can empathize with, and there are times when I can see bits and pieces of myself inside him, which is probably why he’s so easy to get along with.