I don’t use Dreamhost, but I know a bunch of people who do use it, and am webmaster for a few of those people and thus work with it extensively.

Their gigantic packages of hosting space and bandwidth seem hard to pass up, but Ursula’s recent post about going over her allotted CPU time makes me a little curious. Dreamhost seems a very good thing and I’ve always been wary because of it, which I hope doesn’t make me cynical. Granted, this could just as well be a glitchy, uncommon sort of problem.

Brendan, have you ever run into anything like this?

I guess I can’t go talkin about hosts with out plugging my own. I use Krellen.com, for which any price discrepency is made up for by outstanding customer service. They are the most helpful people I’ve ever worked with in any field having to do with computers.

Edit: crap, we just got one too for the argproductions site. And several other people chimed in on Ursula’s thread who got the same problem. I wonder if this problem lies more with on Dreamhost’s end?

Edit Edit: The comments indicate that it is more than several