Reason why Carleton is awesome #1: He let me use his computer to update my website.

About that Mardi Gras party, it was awesome! I was so excited to see how everyone would decorate those cheap, cheap, CHEAP masks we gave them 2 days before the party. I was quite impressed with everyone’s creativity. Go and see! Isn’t everybody pretty?

Reason why Carleton is awesome #2: He has all Invader Zim episodes on his computer and has me watch them regularly.

This is important, because I totally missed out on the Invader Zim phenomenon. It ran when I was at school, and thus not watching tv, and then ended by the time I was home for the summer. Apparently, having not seen more than 2 episodes was not acceptable, so I’m getting to watch them all. The results are rather predictable–I think it’s hilarious, and I love Gir. That is all.