Don’t count your chickens…..okay now you can

I’m always very careful about the chicken counting. Whenever I get excited about some new, shiny, potential egg, I always rein myself back with “NO COUNTING CHICKENS YET!” or the like. I am very careful.

However, now my chickens have hatched. All of them, right there in a row. And I just sort of stare at them with a muted, melancholy sort of gaze, perhaps mumbling, “wha?”

Meanwhile, the chickens are standing there, crossing their stubby just-hatched wings, and tapping their little chicken toes, and saying, “um, HELLO?? You can count us now! Any freakin DAY NOW!!”

So, here they are, one, two, three…

I officially have a job. A real job. A grown-up job. Starts middle of June.

I officially have an apartment. A nice apartment. Move in middle of June.

My Japan trip is totally planned. I have tickets to Chicago and then out to Japan, a hotel to stay in in Chicago, and enough money to do more than merely survive over there.


I should be having Dance Party 2005 right now. I have no right to be sad about ANYTHING.