I adore the Tuesday Night Ballers, and I often think of them fondly at various times in my most recent adventures. The times when we are able to get together have been more and more adventurous as time goes on.

Tonight, everyone was “on,” and it was brilliant. Not 2 minutes would pass without laughter or wit or some clever exchange sparking another clever exchange. I love them all! Scott, Will, Ian, Brendan, Maria, Matt, Kyle, DC, Beth, and I had dinner at the Mayan Gypsy and launched the night with much gaming. Reviews!

Left for Dead – I’d watched this played but never got a chance to play it myself until tonight. Kyle and I played while the others experimented with some new board games. I’ll give you an impression of Lisa playing this game: “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGETITOFFOFMEGETITOFFGETITOFF!!!!!!!!!!” It got to the point that, later in the night, Maria tossed a container to Beth and I shrieked in terror. This may be too stressful for me to devote too much time with

Pandemic – a cooperative board game about fighting off spreading diseases. I didn’t play this one, but it seemed quite challenging. I’m all about cooperative board games!

Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game – This game is kind of like Shadows Over Camelot, where the traitor is a Cylon, and doesn’t know it. It’s not just a skin, and has its own mechanics, but again, cooperative board games where you fight against the game are fun times!

World of Goo (Wii version) – I hadn’t gotten a chance to play this cooperatively on the Wii, and I was surprised how co-op play so dramatically changes the dynamic of the game! Playing cooperatively is really, really hard, but incredibly fun. I recommend it!

Raving Rabids TV Party – zomg, such a good party game! A good spectator game at that! The skiing game where you have to sit on the balance board and steer reminded me of way back in the day, when a group of friends and I played Crash Team Racing by sitting on a DDR pad. Good times all around.

The Big Idea – This card game is awesome. But it’s MORE awesome when you play after 2am so everyone is prone to giggling and silliness. Liquid Cardboard! The future is now!

And the fun doesn’t stop there! Tomorrow (today?) D Flo is in town, so the fun times will continue all. Hooray for good friends!

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