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Here’s a meme I just made up. Post a photo of yourself from each year of the past decade, with accompanying blurb. You only get to pick ONE for each year!


From Lisa’s Decade

I’m actually only 99% certain this is from 2000. As I recall, it was my last volunteer trip on my last summer as a volunteer for the Louisville Science Center, to the magical realm of COSI. If it’s actually from 99, then some LSC person correct me. Either way, my brain says it’s 2000, and what a magical unicycle ride on a tight rope it was!


From Lisa’s Decade

In February, I dressed up in a cupid-like fashion, ran around and shot people with my nerf crossbow, and then showered them in “hugs and kisses” (of the Hershey’s variety).


From Lisa’s Decade

That’s me in the booth! I was running the light board for A Day in the Death of Joe Egg at Centre. A fabulous performance, if I do recall. Lookit how long my hair is!


From Lisa’s Decade

This is me at the Berkshire Theatre Festival, whacking a machete against a rock. Ah, the tasks one does in props!


From Lisa’s Decade

While scavenging the Long Island Sound, I found this horseshoe crab! A good portion of 2004 was spent living in Connecticut.


From Lisa’s Decade

This was the year I went to Japan. Here I am eating my first meal in the country with Andrew.


From Lisa’s Decade

This is my favorite photo ever of me with my cousins. Hooray for family!


From Lisa’s Decade

The year of the ETC! Here we are as bright and ambitious young first-years, at the Chihuly exhibit at the Phipp’s.


From Lisa’s Decade

OMG you guys remember when it snowed a bunch and we made that gigantic snow monster? TEAMWORK! No one was crushed by the giant snowball we pushed up onto the other giant snowball by using a ramp made of snow.


From Lisa’s Decade

Ah, graduation. Don’t I look all Dr. Professional?


From Lisa’s Decade

One of the first photos of the New Year! Me with Tracy Brown (no relation) at the New Year’s Eve feast.

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  1. The lead performance in that Joe Egg show needed some work, but the lights were awesome. This is a great meme! I wish I actually had enough photos to do it myself.

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