Day 3

Furnace building good so far. I think a lot of the heavy lifting is winding down, as Tuesday I was tossing bricks out of a dumpster, and today I was merely mortaring them.

(Regarding the dumpster tossing bit. Our dumpster was so heavy after we’d thrown out bricks from the old furnace that the dumpster truck man couldn’t lift it. Yes, we shut down the dumpster guy. Curiously enough, whenever I tell someone about this, the general response is of enthusiastic congratulations, often accompanied by a cheer, as if the dumpster man were some great symbol of human repression, and we defied him by making the dumpster too heavy. Our reward was to have to climb back in the dumpster and throw bricks out to lighten it ¬_¬ )

Projected results of this term:

good–I’m going to be so buff that I’ll be able to lift cars over my head on a regular basis

bad–I think I’m going to end up with permanent respirator lines in my face.

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