Creepy Bug! Bleeeeh!

So I found out those horrifying little bugs with a billion legs that move like lightning are not silverfish, as I once though. They are called House Centipedes.

Check out this creepy bug

I’m not really one to be frightened of bugs, even though I do find regular centipedes to be quite creepy. But these things, I dunno, there’s just something about them that strikes fear into the hearts of mortal men.

I remember once at school I found one scurrying across my floor, so I trapped it under a plastic cup. I was intending to take it outside, far away from my dorm, but was very busy, so “left it to do later” and then promptly forgot about it.

Three days later… “hey, why is there this overturned cup on the ground?”

I was quite startled when I lifted it up, as the creepy bug continued to scurry on in the same direction, as if being trapped by a cup for three days was merely a momentary obstacle. I suppose I would have felt kind of bad if it had died under that cup, and I admit I felt a twinge of guilt for making it sit under there for 3 days. The boredom must have been unbearable. Of course, it could have used the time to sit quietly and meditate on the deeper aspects of buggy life.

Regardless, I felt bad for not freeing it, but felt okay that I hadn’t killed it either. Then, of course, I couldn’t sleep for days, knowing that horrifying thing was loose and roaming around my bedroom.

Creepy frickin bug.

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