Christmas Times

Merry Christmas times to all! The holidays have been really nice, if not shaken with the feeling of impending change. I think this year was a “transition” Christmas.

My parents sold their house (yaaay!) but found out that the condo they had intended to buy had been sold out from under them (boooo). This caused much undo stress, but they have found a place to rent for awhile downtown. Still, come January 31st, the house will be gone, items will be shuffled into storage, and madness will ensue.

On Christmas night we had a great get together at my parents’ place. Normally Nancy would always host a dinner on Christmas night, so we decided to host a shindig in her honor. We must have lit every candle in the house (Nancy loved candles) and we had Oysters Rockefeller to toast in the New Year (another Nancy tradition). The party doubled as an official “goodbye” to our house, but in spite of sentiment, the evening was full of laughter and good times and no tears.

It was quite a practical Christmas for me, gift-wise, I got a bike mount for my car, which is exciting. I also got metal mixing bowls, which is very exciting, for now I can make meringue pies! My grandmother got me a silicon muffin tin…which…I suppose can’t really be called a “tin” at all….muffin silicon? Anyway! This, along with Scott’s gifts of a new grater and juicer, are indicative of much baking and cooking to come.

In spite of the rain and cold, it was a very warm Christmas. I hope everyone has had a pleasant holiday season!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Times”

  1. I’m so glad the holidays were so full of warmth for you, especially after Nancy’s passing. It’s wonderful that you were able to remember her in such celebratory ways, to celebrate her life like that.


    See you in San Fran soon? 😉

  2. I’m glad you had a great holiday! Mine was awesome too, though broken up somewhat by the fact I had a three-hour round-trip. I looked for you online, but I suppose you were enjoying life to much for that! ^_^

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