Cat Field Trips

I need ideas for field trip locations for Mr. Davis

When Josh’s cat-allergic roommate was in England for months and months, I used to take Mr. Davis over there for day trips. He enjoyed it very much, and I think it started the trend for his thinking of “car trips are okay.” But alas, Ryan has returned to the states, so a new venue is in order.

I did take him to our soccer park once, but he did not like the wide open space, and we crossed the street to the residential sidewalk instead. I’ve also taken him on a few errand car rides (he’s a star in the In-N-Out drive through line when we go for milk shakes).

He does pretty well in the car, but he seems unsure of how he feels about it from time to time. Often he’ll stay up in the front seat, paws on the windowsill, watching outside. If I leave his crate open in the back seat, he’ll sometimes climb back there and do repeated short, soft meows. I’m not sure what they mean, they aren’t his “scared” meow. Josh’s theory is that he wants me to know where he is.

Anyway, I’d like to keep up the trend of car trips, just because exposure to new places and people and experiences is good for him. Any ideas? Anyone want a cat visit?

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