Spring Term has begun! It was a little intimidating to start the term, I didn’t feel ready (in spite of how much I had prepared). Part of that was because I had to leave my computer home for a few days to get some things fixed. A few measly days and I’m freaking out! How dependent I have become on the thing x_x

I am, in fact, sitting in the little lounge place in Olin, checking email and stuff. I just had my first Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science class. Should be interesting, and should force me to keep on my toes. I suppose I need that. It is also the “Class Full of People I’ve Known Since Freshman Year but Have Never Had Class With Before.” Yes, the class consists of me, Brendan, Darren, Buddah, Woody, Zaid, Yuliya and others. Part of it is fun, I actually get to have a class with a bunch of friends and acquaintances, but in a way it is somewhat intimidating.

I’m going to dawdle around here and get some work done before lunch. My schedule is befuddling me this term, because my day is all chopped up. Usually I have at least two or three of my classes all bunched together, but this term there are many pockets of free time. It could be a good thing, and force me to stay put and do work, as opposed to me wandering off to my room and being a slacker.

Lunch at 11, then Discrete Math, then Computer Organization. Whoa, I think this is the first term ever where I’ve had an entire day with no art classes. Before there was always painting, glass, or art history O.o Glass tomorrow. I’ll hopefully have my computer back on Friday.

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    1. well, we have a short, 3-week one-class term in the winter, so that’s why we start spring term so late (that’s also why we get out for the summer so late). Our spring break is at the end of March.

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