Batman Dream

I had a fascinatingly epic dream! For LJ people who hate reading about dreams, a cut. For everyone else, tough luck!

In the dream, I became friends with the Joker. This would be the newest, Heath Ledger-portrayed Joker (which, I’m surprised to say, has trumped Mark Hamill as my all-time favorite Joker! Who would have thought!). When I found out he was the Joker, I was like “Aw, does this mean we can’t be friends anymore?” and he was like “Well…..I mean…I guess we’re still cool.” So we became the bestest of friends.

Now, apparently this was before the Joker went *totally* crazy. He was still pretty crazy, I mean, but there was some semblance of humanity left in him at this point. Batman, of course, did not trust the Joker one bit.

The dream quickly turned very psychologically heavy, and I found myself in the precarious situation that A) If the Joker thought that I didn’t trust him, he would surely be driven over the brink of sanity, but that B) he’s the freakin Joker, so of course I was kind of scared to be in his company, especially when he had crazy Joker moments! It suddenly became very emotionally themed and circled around the nature of our friendship, and the responsibility I felt for keeping the friendship from tumbling over the precipice of no-return while at the same time keeping myself safe. The sort of thing that would probably never show up in a Batman movie (though in a Batman comic, I wouldn’t be surprised).

Batman did not approve.

At one point in the dream, I found myself in some sort of trouble – kidnapped by some third party bad-guy. The Joker came to rescue me, since we were BFF. Batman, on the other hand, assumed my kidnapping to be the work of the “not trustworthy afterall, I should have known!” Joker, and also came to my rescue, complicating matters. It turned out that the whole thing was a setup by the third party bad-guys, in order to devastate the Joker’s tie to friendship and push him over the edge of madness!

I don’t know how the situation ended, having woken up, and I spent the entire day thinking about it and wondering what happened and worrying about my close, personal friend, the Joker. I always hope that dreams like this will resume upon the next night’s sleep, and that the conclusion will be revealed at last! I know better by now, but I still hope.

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  1. Epic! I tend to have a lot of psychologically heavy dreams, similar to this. But i don’t get to have supervillians and heroes in mine. 🙂

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