“And they, since they were not the one dead, turned to their affairs.”

I whine a lot about how I’ve never been West, and how I’d like to go out there hiking and camping and seeing the sights and whatnot. However, I recently decided that I have no right to whine, because there are plenty of cool places in Kentucky that I’ve never visited.

Today, Jen and I drove out to Natural Bridge to do some hiking. It was a lovely day for it, cool and overcast, and the rain held off save a mild drizzle at the end of the day. The forest was gorgeous, there were many different ferns and mosses about, and I felt like a dinosaur, hehe. The bridge itself was very neat, and we listened to a lady give a schpeel about how it was weathered and wind eroded. Very interesting.

I took a few photos, but as I am impatient, I’ll provide a few I found on the net.

There were many other equally fascinating rock formations, with incredible slopes and patterns due to erosion. Jen commented how interesting it was the formations seemed the result of some violent action, when in fact it had taken a few bizillion years to create them.

We pondered going to Red River Gorge afterwards, but were pretty tired, so decided to save that for another day (the area is surprisingly close to my college). Next adventure we’ll probably go to Mammoth Cave. Seeing all those rock formations reminded me of how much I love caves, and how long it’s been since I’ve been in one.

2 thoughts on ““And they, since they were not the one dead, turned to their affairs.””

  1. yay for fun natural kentucky things to do!
    i had a post card of the latter of those pictures…exact angle and lighting, but some hippie 70s chick posing. amusing.

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