An Experiment

After chatting with some friends in WoW today, I’ve decided to try an experiment. I want to see if I can progress as a character without doing damage to anything.

I’m going to track my progress and any insights I have along the way here:

So if you’re on Thorium Brotherhood, say hello!

One thought on “An Experiment”

  1. Back in BC times, some gnome rogue did that. Leveled his character by teaming up and used only stun grenades for escaping.

    Also there was a dwarf-player who tried to explore the whole world map and level up by getting exploration XP. He was the co-driver in a bike or mammoth most of the time, but being level 25 or so he really was a monster magnet in the WOTLK areas. It was impressive that he even made it this far. ;D

    Good luck on your experiment. 😀

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