Adventure Time!

I am so excited about our next Game Design assignment!

The assignment is to run a one-shot adventure game session using a very simplified D&D-derived ruleset. Many people in the class have never played a table-top roleplaying game before, so they created groups based on experience. The assignment is in association with studying the challenges of interactive storytelling.

I’m considered the “expert” of my group, and so have to run my one-shot first, so that others may follow my example. Pressure! I haven’t DMed a game in ages, but I think I’ve learned a lot I can use from the most recent games I’ve played in.

This should be a ton of fun, and I’m thinking back to some of the Nobilis one-shots we did in the past for ideas on how to run a good, condensed story. However, it’s been awhile since I’ve used the D&D ruleset; my mind is still fresh with Nobilis and Dogs in the Vineyard.

First thing’s first, time to think up a fun story. For you, internets, if you’ve played a tabletop rpg one-shot that you really enjoyed, share the experience? What was fun about it? What did you like better or worse than a campaign over an extended period of time? Tips? Tricks? Advice? Ideas?

5 thoughts on “Adventure Time!”

  1. I assume you already have the D&D-like system as part of the assignment? I actually played a great one-shot a couple weeks ago, with a homebrew system that was initially designed as an homage to old-school D&D but rapidly became something else entirely: Red Box Hack. The rules are right there on the blog.

    (You can play a fox with three tails or a bear in a hat.)

    1. Yeah, we’ve already been given the ruleset, which is optimized for speed and for people new to the game type. Which is not to say I can’t have someone be a bear in a hat!

    2. new update! I talked to Jesse about incorporating mechanics from other rpgs into our ruleset, and he basically gave me free reign. Muaha!

      I want to take my favorite things from Dogs and my favorite things from Nobilis and use them somehow.

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