Well, it’s the second night of my cross-country drive on the way to my summer internship in LA. So far so good!

I’ve been trying to keep a frequently-updated Twitter log of my adventures, for anyone interested in micro-updates.

Thus far, my father and I have finished the first two Harry Potter audio-books, and it appears we’ll finish off our trip with the third. My dad really enjoys them, which pleases me, because I figured he would. I also knew I’d never get him to read the books merely by suggesting it; I had to trick him by trapping him in a car and forcing him to listen to the story. It’s all worked out, though, as he claims he’ll be excited to read the rest of the series upon returning home.

I realized, in listening to the stories, how the releases of the Harry Potter books are convenient landmarks in my own timeline, as I associate them with specific points in my life. It was an interesting thought, and at some point I might make a media-referential timeline of life events, relating significant moments to particularly memorable media for me at the time. May be a fun experiment.

At any rate, the drive continues tomorrow. I should be in Burbank by Sunday with no problems, if all continues well!