A Year with Mr. Davis

As of March 19th, Mr. Davis has been with me for a whole year! Time certainly flies! I remember how excited I was when I first brought him home from the shelter, and a little nervous about how he would settle in. Now I can’t imagine life without him as a part of my family!

Here’s a recap of Kitty Stats for the year:
– Mr. Davis’s clicker-training repertoire now includes the following: Sit, come, stand, high five, jump up (stand on hind legs and touch my hand with his paw), up (onto furniture), down (off of furniture), paw (shake), jump over, go underneath, and spin (turn around in a circle once).

– Click tricks we’re currently working up: climb up the carpet wall on command, and chase a ball on command

– He sleeps next to me every night, sometimes getting fussy if I stay up too late. I now understand his “come to bed” meow. He wakes me up in the morning by kissing me on the forehead

– We go on a walk just about every day, unless it rains. My neighbors love to say hello to him. One said he was the most famous cat in Burbank

– When he gets too lovey or riled up he is prone to chomp, but we’re working on this with training. Petting sessions do not begin until I make him do a trick, and he must come and sit in certain places before being fed or having his harness put on. All play, petting, and clicker training have definitive end signals (clapping, showing him my empty hands, and saying “all done”)

– Nick is Mr. Davis’s favorite person in the whole wide world, and when he comes over, Mr. Davis can’t stop rolling over and begging to be petted.

– Mr. Davis does not like seeing neighborhood cats, but he’s made friends with 2 cats in my complex, and he meows excitedly and runs up to see them every time they appear on the balcony or at a window when I’m out on my walk.

– He may be a fusscat sometimes, and sometimes he’s too cool for school, but more often than not he’s a big ole sweetheart and I’m so happy and thankful that he’s part of my life!

I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite Davis Photos

From Birthday Cat

From Birthday Cat

From More Mr Davis

From More Mr Davis

From Mr. Davis Lounges

From Walking Mr. Davis

From More Mr. Davis

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