A Question of Manners

Answer me this, Internet…

Which is the more polite action when someone is trying to sell you something…

1) Interrupt them early (like, at “we’d like to offer you…”) and say no thank you.

2) Let them finish their 10 minute speech that they are obviously forced to do by their supervisor and then say no thank you.


8 thoughts on “A Question of Manners”

  1. By phone, #1. Though that’s increasingly hard to do, as these cold-callers have become increasingly schooled in yammering on and on for several minutes without pause for breath. 😛

  2. Introduce them to the Son of God as soon as they draw breath…..


    Else wait until they finish
    and say…

    ¿Scusa? Ne parla Inglese….

  3. I know people who have worked in those call centers so on the phone they would much rather you say “Look I don’t want this thank you for your time” than make them say the schpiel again. Some places pay by the sale so if you KNOW you don’t want it, they’d rather move on. Also, some places REQUIRE them to make you say the word no three times so if you really want to be sure Just say “No no no I don’t want this.”

    In person, I’d rather you tell me you’re not into it rather than waste my time even if it does kinda make me think you’re a bitch in that moment. Later on I’ll be glad you didn’t make me do it for nothing.

  4. Agreed…cut them off. As some who used to do sale calls (though not really high pressure ones…just for Actors Theatre), I’d much rather you just tell me right off the bat that you have no interest, so I can say thank you and be on my merry way. Most people did this anyway (they expect our call every year, see us on caller ID, pick up the phone, and just say, instead of hello, “I do enjoy seeing plays on a play-by-play basis and will be back to your theatre in the future, but I am not interested at all in a subscription, thank you, bye.” and hang up…those were the best!)

  5. I’m German, guess what i would do? 😉

    I’d say: Depends whether or not you like the salesperson. If not i don’t really care about saying no early on, no matter if its telephone or at the door. If i think the guy / girl is a nice person, i ask a question out of interests and think of a plausible and fair way to say no, but thank you for caring to explain.

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