I often praise Louisville for its delicious food opportunities, and since I’m in town for a bit, I intend to do a food tour. It’s a trick to be on vacation, actually, because I’m still making a list and accomplishing tasks. Let’s see what’s on the agenda..

1) Penn Station — CHECK! Scott and I went for lunch today
2) Maido
3) Mayan Gypsy
4) Pink Door
5) Gumbo-a-go-go
6) Lynn’s Paradise Cafe
7) Nord’s Bakery
8) Jersey Mike’s
9) Vietnam Kitchen
10) Liquor Store Deli

Am I forgetting anything?

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  1. You’re forgetting that Strother now lives in Lville and wants to eat at cool places too. Call me! I live on Cherokee now! Walking distance from Lynn’s. (But lets go elsewhere, I’ve been there.)

    1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????!? When did this happen! I demand answers! You must come over this week before Brendan goes to North Carolina!!

      Also, I need your phone number, because I changed phones and lost my old SIM card.

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