Involvement in the theater has always been a big part of my life, especially in the areas of props, puppetry, and mask making. Here are a few projects on which I played a significant role both in my undergraduate studies and summerstock internship.

  1. The Yellow Boat
  2. Mask Building
  3. Process Documentation
  4. Neverland Wolves


The Yellow Boat

Scene from The Yellow BoatMy senior year of undergrad, I was granted the role of props designer for our production of The Yellow Boat. I designed and acquired all the props, worked with the lighting, set, and costume designers to integrate the theme of the props with the production, and instructed a team of props runners for maintaining items during the run of the show.

My proudest accomplishment on this project was designing and building a small puppet manned by the main character of the show.

Scene from The Yellow Boat Scene from The Yellow Boat

Mask Building

process diagram of mask buildingFor a college production of Caucasion Chalk Circle, I performed as assistant mask maker to build masks for the entire cast. We built a combination of detailed neoprene masks and simple cloth and Sculpt-or-coat masks.

In addition to creating the masks, I also compiled step-by-step instructions and photo reference for our mask building processes. These include rehearsal masks, plaster face positives, and latex/neoprene masks.


Scene from The Caucasian Chalk Circle Scene from The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Process Documentation

Neverland Wolves

Process image of wolf heads

At the summer stock theater season of the Berkshire Theatre Festival, I was given the responsibility of designing and creating the Neverland Wolves for Peter Pan.

My instructions were to create 5 wolf heads on sticks that could be held by one person, and which had articulated jaws. The rest of the design and implementation was left totally up to me.




Process Documentation

Game Designer