The end of the fish dynasty

Anne was kind enough to adopt Ottobot. I am very happy that he is in a new home that I’m sure will be a good one. (Btw, Anne, I just realized that I forgot to pack those algae wafers I had! I can bring them when I’m down there on the 17th).

That being taken care of, I have now packed away all my fish-keeping goods in a crate. It hasn’t really made me feel any better. I don’t know if I’m ready to rush off for a new pet, or if I should just stick to tending my garden for awhile. I’m not really sure what would be best for me.

Meanwhile, if anybody in the area is rearin to start an aquarium (which I do recommend, fish-keeping is wonderful! I just need a rest from it right now), I have plenty of things to lend!

Please let me know if you are interested in some of the following:
1 5-gallon mini-bow tank (with lighted lid)
1 2-gallon critter carrier
1 1-gallon tank (with lighted lid and undergravel filter/airstone bubbler)
1 1/2-gallon tank (good for hospital purposes or temporary housing only)
2 Whisper filters (1 has a low flow setting)
Cotton carbon whisper filter cartridges
1 100 watt aquarium heater
1 50 watt aquarium heater
2 tank thermometers
a plethora of fish medications (ick, fungus, parasite, velvet, maracyn-2)
a plethora of water treatment items (stress coat, melafix, aquarium salt, algae control substances, water chemistry test kit)
1 net
various decorations and hidey holes (including coral castles, small terracotta pots, and silk plants)
lots of glass beads and river stones
2 gravel vaccuums
1 tank divider
various foods (betta pellets, freeze-dried bloodworms, generic flake food)
1 acrylic tank scrubber (with long handle)

Plus, I’d help you set up your aquarium and help you stock it and help you if your fish ever got sick! I…just don’t want to be the mother.

Let me know