Hooray for Halloween

Halloween was good fun, even though it’s been one of the more mellow ones I’ve experienced.

Thursday night, Crack had a pumpkin carving party, which was really enjoyable. Just a bunch of people hanging out and gutting pumpkins (or in my case, watermelons) and eating candy and the like. I worked really hard making a gargoyle mask, which I am very proud of:

I used a rehearsal mask as a base, which worked out really well (and the rehearsal mask still survived!). It’s nice because it fits perfectly to my face, and is really comfy.

So, my Halloween was mostly spent gorging myself on candy, and watching cartoons and History Channel specials, and playing games. Overall, I’m glad I stuck with my goal of not doing ANY work after 4:00, and had a good time.

Making the mask was a good release, and I really think there needs to be more mask-related holidays. I say we revive Carnival. Anyhow, back to work.

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    1. Hehe, thanks! The mask-making page is from last spring when we did Caucasian Chalk Circle, in which the majority of the cast had to be masked. I was the maskmaker’s assistant, so I took pictures to log some of our progress.

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