General Update

The summer has been going exquisitely, in spite of some sleeping problems I had after Carleton left on his trip, but I think I’ve gotten a handle on that now.

It is wonderful, I have so much inspiration to do art! I’m working steadily on that painting of Fish, as well as a commission I am doing for Scott. I also finished up some gift art that I started for Flamestryke two years ago, but stopped when we lost communication. I decided to start over and finish it up, after I regained contact with him this spring. It was another vector-coloring experiment, to counter balance the oil painting and watercolor/colored pencil pieces I’m working on.

I also have an inkling to try batiking (or to make a batik…is it a noun or a verb?) I tried it once in high school with so-so results, but I had an idea of a door hanging that I would love to make, I just need to go buy supplies for it.

Last night I went to a tapas bar in town with Jaime, Becca, and Laura, and it was reeeeeeeeeally yummy! I had always wanted to try a Spanish tortilla, I’m glad I got a chance. Tapas are tasty!

I keep having dreams about the Science Center, which I am taking as a sign that I need to go there. I need to visit it at least once before I leave Kentucky for the year.

Other tidbits: I’ve picked Kempo back up full swing (it’s great to see everybody again), I’ve been making regular trips to the library, I am secretly writing a story…in secret, Dave () still owes me pie.

3 thoughts on “General Update”

    1. Doh! I guess I should have mentioned that ^_^

      A tapas bar is kind of like a Spanish pub, and they serve these appetizer-esque foodstuffs (tapas) with your drinks. Back in the pre-air conditioning era, the appetizer plates were made as sorts of lids that you kept over your drink to keep the flies out (or something like that).

      Here’s a random link for more info:

      But basically, a Tapas bar is a Spanish bar that serves tapas.

    2. A tapas bar is a place you’re gay friend invites you to causing your eyes to widen as to why your male gay friend wants to go to a “topless” bar. Tell anyone you’re going to a tapas bar and see if their head doesn’t do a double take.

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