Easter stuff

As my third year as the official family Easter-egg hider, I once again took careful count of the total number of eggs (there were 18, just 18, seems like a manageable amount), and once again there were two missing by the end of the hunt. I carefully checked all my hiding spaces, and at last had to tell my cousins that it was the work of the mischievous Easter Weasel, who’d come in and stolen them for himself. Next year, I plan on creating an accurate map of the yard, and plot all egg locations. Maybe I could employ some GPS, just for good measure.

On another note, I’ve discovered that the limit for who my grandma gives candy to is not based on age. It must be based on when you get married, for this year my brother did not get a huge bag of Easter candy, and I did. Unfortunately, I’ve found that I am no longer able to metabolize the huge amounts of candy I receive like I used to, so I’ll be doing a lot of sharing this week.

I have gripes with Easter candy anyway. It’s too shape-driven, and I’m particularly upset with those speckled, bubble gum eggs and the similar looking malted milk ball eggs. They’re like frickin identical! They’re both tasty in their own right, but biting into one while expecting the other is not a pleasant experience. Bleh!

As far as candy-holidays go, I’m still with Halloween. It seems to cater to general, commercial candy much better. Just look at M&M’s. You have red and green for Christmas, pink, red and white for Valentine’s, pastels for Easter, but for Halloween it’s like they relax. No pressure.

Back to school with me..