Collin: “What you don’t know is that plot’s catting to kill us all right now…”

Crunch crunch crunch, that is the past week or so, leading up to this one. It’s going to be a busy one.

This weekend has been another one of visiting friends. Dave visited Friday night, and watched some cartoons with me before he went to see the play, while I spent the latter part of the evening napping. We chatted about the shutting down of 2D animation studios, and puppetry, and this and that.

Saturday Ken () came up to help me in the studio, which was really nice. He helped me make some large vessels, and gave me some ideas about how I make my armadillos. We worked practically all day long, and then helped Che pack up and clean out his show. We went to Guadi’s afterwards; it’s nice when you are so ravenous from the day that any meal tastes like it was sent from the heavens! YUM! Unfortunately, I was so exhausted by the day in the studio that I slept for the time afterwards before the play, so no work was accomplished.

That evening I went and saw The Beloved Community. They did a great job with the script that was given to them. Toooooooo many issues! On the up side, I did get to see Alison and Eric, which was great, they’re always a joy to be around. I also got to say hello to Evan later in the evening. With so many visits, it would have been logical for me to venture out and play the whole evening, but I was so tired.

I really am becoming a hermit this term. But, I think it’s working in my favor. Eh, oh well, time to write that art history research paper…

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  1. from alison

    you are always a joy to be around!
    love you so much!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i just felt i needed more)

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